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They did a great job with the quality of their work and the materials that they purchased.

But the best thing about them was that when they discovered a challenge, a problem with the plans, maybe the design was incomplete or the design was askew, they were quick to bring it to us and they’d always come up with a suggestion. That really helped us out if we had to go to the architect or the owner with a question; we were always able to immediately suggest a solution.

They worked really well with our structural steel guy and together we solved a lot of problems before the problems impacted the schedule. But that is pretty typical of Sun West because they are very proactive!

They just do a great job for us. They’re great subs!

Zack Seybert - General Contractor


We had seven framing contractors bid on the project and we reviewed the bids carefully to make sure we did the right thing. Sun West was NOT the lowest bid – they were close, but they were not the lowest bid. Some of the others could not commit to the time frame.

We decided on Sun West and the project went very well. Sun West actually beat the deadline by about 2 weeks. They were even faster than they told us they would be! They came in within budget and that really made the outcome of the project sweeter. We got quite a few compliments from people in town including other builders who couldn’t believe how quickly the building went up. Some of them had actually walked through during construction, checking to see the quality. We were contacted by several of them who were impressed by not only the time frame but also the quality.

We were really impressed by their manpower. The foreman was very competent. He understood everything and could read into the project and foresee any future problems that he might have run into and he let us know right away. Dave employs pretty competent help and finishing up on time – coming in early and working late when they needed to – made me totally feel confident working with Sun West.

The owners of the project were thrilled with the quality and the fact that Sun West came in within budget. I will work with them again for certain!

Mike Petersen - Heber City

“Sunwest was easy to get a hold of and always willing to be on the job site with enough people to get the work done on time. The crew bosses and superintendents know how to read the plans and do the work. They were great at implementing our many changes that came up throughout the project.”

Kent D., General Contractor

Contractors are held to very, very high standards by the church. They even have a group of framing experts who come out after the fact to go through every nail and every clip to make sure that it’s all there. It is extremely intensive, but Dave normally scored 99 or 100!

The only way to stay on schedule is if the framing starts and is finished on or before when we need it to. That is a critical thing… and Dave has always been ready to start a week before we’re ready to start!

Dave is very accessible. If we come across a problem, it’s important to be able to speak with him to get somebody from Sun West over there to resolve an issue. If you call Dave, you get a hold of him.

He even comes out to go over patterns and hold-downs, and we’ll mark it. That’s a big, big help because when the concrete guys get there, they don’t necessarily know exactly where to put them. We don’t normally get that type of service from other framers. When the other guys mess up, we’ve got to go back and change hold-downs, and then go back and epoxy. And structural engineers don’t like epoxy nearly as well concrete!

Doing it Dave’s way is structurally better. It’s much cleaner. And when the engineers come to inspect, it puts them at ease. They see that time after time the hold-downs are in the right place and everything is working as drawn.

Jack Garvin - Arizona West Contracting

Bass Pro Shops
For this hunting and fishing retailer, we framed all the wood and plywood components for their store in Mesa. It was a challenging job that required our people to be onsite six days a week, 10 hours a day. The architect’s specifications required us to lift numerous wood sections weighing 35,000 lbs each, but we got them in place – plumb, level and straight.

Zack S - General Contractor


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